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Architecture (30 Courses)
1 NOC:Housing Policy and Planning
2 NOC:Landscape Architecture and Site Planning - Basic Fundamentals
3 NOC:Visual Communication Design for Digital Media
4 NOC:Architectural Conservation And Historic Preservation
5 NOC:Architectural Acoustics
6 NOC:Culturally Responsive Built Environments
7 NOC:Contemporary Architecture and Design
8 NOC:Role of Craft and Technology in Interior-Architecture
9 NOC:Introduction to History of Architecture in India
10 NOC:Urban Governance and Development Management
11 NOC:User Interface Design
12 NOC:Disaster Recovery And Build Back Better
13 NOC:Sustainable Architecture
14 NOC:Structure, Form and Architecture: The Synergy
15 NOC:Building Materials and Composites
16 NOC:Environmental Soil Chemistry
17 NOC:Structural System in Architecture
18 NOC:Urban Landuse and transportation planning
19 NOC:Strategies for Sustainable Design
20 NOC:Engineering/Architectural Graphics - Part I: Orthographic projection
21 NOC:Urban utilities Planning : Water Supply, Sanitation and Drainage
22 NOC:Introduction to Urban Planning
23 NOC:Engineering, Architectural Graphics - Part II (Isometric and Axonometric Drawings)
24 NOC:Environmental Impact Assessment
25 NOC:Modern Indian Architecture
26 NOC:International Studies in Vernacular Architecture
27 NOC:Urban Services Planning
28 NOC:Introduction to Interaction Design
29 NOC:Understanding and Reducing Ghg Emissions - Focus on Scope 1 and 2 Emission Reduction through Building Design and Construction
30 NOC:Research Methodology for Planning and Architectural Studies